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Pick Up Extra Peace of Mind with Volvo Cars Canton’s Available Maintenance and Insurance Products

The Volvo experience is all about peace of mind, and that extends to caring for your vehicle as the miles rack up. The open road can be a treacherous place, and things like potholes, winter weather, and even general wear and tear can do a number on your Volvo. At Volvo Cars Canton you can add on several protection packages that can help you maintain the quality look and feel of your Volvo for years to come. Learn more below, then visit our finance department to talk through available options and choose products that fit your driving style and needs.

Protection Packages and Pre-Paid Maintenance

Our selection of protection packages covers a variety of areas, including road hazards, paint protection, extended warranties, and more. You can even pick up pre-paid maintenance so you can continue to bring your Volvo to our dealership in Canton, OH to keep up with the most important maintenance services.

Paint Protection Coverage

Whether it’s winter salt and sand or simply rocks kicked up by other vehicles, the most basic daily driving can contribute great damage to your paintwork. Chips, a worn clear coat, and scratches can all contribute to the degradation of your Volvo exterior, but our LuxcareXT paint protection plan assures you can keep your vehicle looking like new.

Three-for-One Road Hazard Protection

For damage that goes beyond simply damaging the paintwork, we offer road hazard protection that can help you keep more money in your pocket. Should you damage a tire or wheel on a pothole, you’ll be covered for a replacement. If a rock kicks up and damages your windshield, you’re covered for that as well. We’ll even help you replace lost keys and you’ll have 24-hour lockout assistance for added peace of mind.

Paintless Dent Repair Warranty

Whether it’s from hail, road hazards, or a parking lot mishap, dents happen. Rather than just dealing with it or paying out of pocket, pick up our Paintless Dent Repair package and keep your Volvo looking its best for years to come.

Visit Our Dealership Today

If you’re in the early stages of the buying process, or about to sign on the dotted line, our Business Manager is available to talk these and other great options. No matter what happens over the life of your Volvo vehicle, be ready with protection packages available at our Volvo dealership serving Youngstown and North Franklin. We make it easy to keep your Volvo looking and running its best!

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