Volvo Models and Google Systems Make for the Perfect Pair

December 10th, 2023 by

There are many brilliant aspects in new Volvo models, including Google systems built in to make your life easier. The Google systems in your infotainment system include popular apps, like Google Maps, and access to the Google Play store, which now includes Prime Video and YouTube that you can watch while your Volvo model is stationary. Read on to learn more about Google capabilities in Volvo models.

You’ll enjoy Google Assistant and the voice controls it offers with your Volvo infotainment system, so you can ask for restaurant recommendations, find directions, or look up your schedule for the day. This Google and Volvo pairing also means seamless control over Google smart devices at your home so that you can have the lights on or set your thermostat. Volvo EV owners can also access ChargePoint to find nearby charging stations and plan their routes.

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